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Adult Arcades ;)


No not the video game kind! THE FUN KIND! Our private arcade booths are where you can have some 'private' time to collect your thoughts.  We have multiple booths with a hundred new release titles available to watch.  Need change? Ask the clerk!

Hundreds of titles

Our Arcades have over 100 of the newest titles on the market.  Updated weekely, our arcades  have the newest Straight, Gay and Tranny videos released.  If you dont like one video, click the next button.  It's as simple as that!

Private Booths

At Store 1 we have 12 booths to choose from, and at Store 2 we have 9 booths.  All of our booths have solid doors instead of curtains and locks, but who uses those?  So if your feelin lucky, cruise on down and stick your head in.  But just the tip :O

Preview Booths

Each of our stores have 2 preview booths in case you wanna take that new tranny video for a test drive before you buy it.  You know, just to ensure it is fap ready!

It's simple, just grab the DVD of your liking off of the shelf, take it up to the attentive clerk and say the following: "Hiya there! I'd like to give this flick a test look please!"

How Arcades work

There are no admission fees, you just walk in and select the booth you would like.  Once you are in, you can insert $1,$2,$5,$10 or $20 bills into the bill acceptor.  Don't forget this part, it is important.  Then your movie will start playing on the screen.  It is as easy as that!  If the movie did not start, check to make sure the door s closed becasue it activates the movie.

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