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Dirk Yates is the premiere source for military porn.  There has never been anyone in history who has filmed more or more authentic military men in history!  If you are the military type and think you have what it takes, Dirk is always looking for a few good men!



Among Dirk's most infamous award-winning titles are "Men For All Seasons," "Tales From the Foxhole," "Jar Head" and the highly successful "Barracks Glory Hole" and "The Few, The Proud & The Naked" series. Yates discoveries include gay porn legends Axel Garrett, Rick Donovan, Eric Manchester, Mason Jarr, Tim Lowe, Dean Phoenix, Rod Barry and Barrett Long. In the Spring of 2006, Channel 1Releasing acquired the prolific film studio and with Dirk's assistance has continued making quality feature films under the All Worlds brand as well as the continually growing Dirk Yates brand.


If you would like to try out to be in a Dirk Yates video click here
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