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Public fun anyone?  Our theaters play a mix of different videos 360 degrees around you on multiple screens!  You thought AMC and Regal were fun?  Multiply that by 8 screens and porn.  Not to mention you never have to worry about seeing a movie with a crappy ending again!
  • At Store one we have 8 screens divided into two dark theaters that are connected on the inside.  This is our most popular theater and is constantly full with couples, guys, and girls.  And the occasional Marine ;)

  • Store 2 is a single larger theater with 8 screens as well.  There is never a time this theater is empty. With over 25 seats and plenty of reeom to stand, you don't need to reserve your tickets, we can squeeze you in.

  • Our stores are open 24 hours per day, but our theaters do closs for just a couple short hours at night for cleaning.  But lets be honest, is this really a bad thing?

  • When you buy your ticket, it is good for 4 hours.  You can come and go as you please!

  • Just remember, leave your backpacks and bags at home folks.

  • If you leave and come back, just save your ticket and show the clerk so he can buzz you in.


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